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Saddle Makers: Every saddle made will fit at least a few horses.  None will fit every horse, mule or breed.  We look for saddles that fit a range of horses well, more of the time.  At the same time, we want saddles that encourage a balanced seat for the rider.  And finally, we focus on light weight saddles. (Most people don't want a 40# western saddle if a 22# one will do the job.) We continue to search for saddles that accomplish these goals and are not outrageously expensive. 

So far, we've tried a lot and kept a few.  When we find these types of saddles, new and used, we stock them so we can have them on hand for our fitting clients. We do not market saddles to non-clients.

Our Western favorites are:

* We always have fitting demos and consignments from these saddle makers in stock to ride and try.

Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles - 9 trees, Western & Endurance*

Crest Ridge Saddlery - 4 trees, Western & Endurance*

Skyrider Saddle - Endurance Western*

Specialized - Adjustable Endurance & Western models*

TW Saddlery - Adjustable Endurance & Western models*

South Bend Lady Trail, Big Horn Haflinger, Big Horn Draft*

There are several small and very good saddle makers who make western saddles to order for your horse (JJ Maxwell Saddles, Andy Knight, Black Rhino/About the Horse, Crates, Jeremiah Johnson Flying W, Jeremiah Watt, etc.), due to production time, cost and/or weight, we only have used ones when available. Additionally we keep a list of others that we know of for sale.


Our English favorites are:

Arabian Saddle Co. - Endurace & Dressage models*

Bates / Wintec - Adjustable Endurace & Dressage models*

Duett Saddles - Trail & Dressage*

Frank Baines Saddlery - Dressage & Endurance & Hunt/Jump models*

Ideal Saddles - Dressage & Trail*

Thorowgood / Kent & Masters - Adjustable Endurace & Dressage models*

Toulouse Saddles - Adjustable Dressage & Trail*


We also consign good used Dressage & Trail Saddles by:

Albion, Black Country, Borne, Corcoran, County, D & T Butterfly, Dresch, Journey, Lauriche, Balance International, SDL, Custom Saddlery and other quality saddles.


Rider: Even the perfect saddle will create problems for a horse if the rider is out of balance. An educated rider is as important as a good saddle. We HIGHLY Recommend finding one or two instructors to help you along the path to excellent horsemanship. It will make a world of difference to your horse!

Seat & Riding Instruction:

Mary Fenton, Watsonville, CA - Centered Riding Level lV

Zsuzsu Illes, ReBalance, S. CA - Holistic, Balanced Dressage and Trail riding

Wendy Murdock, The Murdock Method, VA - Centered Riding & Feldenkrais

Karen Irland, WA - Centered Riding Level lV Instructor

Dawn Ruthven, Canada - Centered Riding Level lV Instructor

Carla Bauchmeuller, Berkeley, CA - Centered Riding Level lll Instructor

Horsemanship Trainers: There are many aspects of riding and many areas to improve your riding skills.   Here are a select few resistance-free Trainers who always work 'from the horse's point of view.'  While there are many good horsemanship educators, we have worked with these extensively and can highly recommend:

Julie Carpenter, Jackson/Santa Cruz, CA -

Stella Jennison, Plymouth CA - Horses in Motion - 209-245-6055

Kathleen Lindley Beckham, GA -

Mark Rashid, CO -

Larry Whitesell, TN -

Harry Whitney, AZ -

Saddle Repair: We do billet replacement and small hand repair work on English and Western saddles.  For extensive repairs we can direct you to the following experts with whom we have had good experience.

Giovanni Zappeta - Castleberry Saddle Shop: Vacaville, CA 707-446-1140/707-448-2972

Dutchess Bridle & Saddlery - Kate Anathas-Wilson: NY




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